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Welcome to Amazing Grace Lutheran Church
May you find peace in the message of God's grace: forgiveness and salvation through our Savior, Jesus.  If you are living in our area, we invite you to worship with us regularly.  Our Pastor can give you more information on church membership.

Our Ministry

Worship Service:     Every Sunday @ 10:00 a.m.

Sunday School:   Every Sunday @ 11:15 a.m. (Sept.-May) 

Adult Bible Class:  Every Sunday @ 11:15 a.m.


Today's Devotion

» An Important Meeting – February 26, 2017
Phil received an email from his supervisor...

Today's Devotion

Through My Bible In 3 Years

Forward in Christ Magazine

» Abiding truth: Part: 2
Luther identified the doctrine of justification as the doctrine by which the church stands or falls. God attaches the same importance to the doctrine. Daniel M. Deutschlander Every doctrine in the Bible is important. We teach every doctrine in God’s Word precisely because it comes from God’s own heart and mouth in the Bible. But Continued.

» Historic merger leads to formation of present-day synod
The year 2017 is receiving much attention for being the 500th anniversary of the Reformation—and rightly so. A lesser-known, but not unimportant, anniversary is also approaching—the 100th anniversary of the amalga- mation of the Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Nebraska Synods. In 1917, these four separate church bodies merged to form the Wisconsin Synod. John Brenner, Continued.

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