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Who We Are

Who are we? 

We're just people. We come from messy lives where things aren't put together the way we want. We face struggles. We're tired. In other words, we live in the real world. 

But that's why we love grace. 

See, we understand that we are broken people in a broken world. We understand that we don't always do what is right. We try to hide those messed up parts of our lives. Do we sound like you? 

But Jesus knows us in our messes. He sees all our shames and all the things we want to hide. 

And even though he knows what we keep in the shadows... he loves us anyway. 

This is the Jesus who died on the cross. When he did that, he took our guilt. He cried out, "Punish me instead!" And because he took our punishment, we're free. 

So if you're a person who doesn't have it all together? Come on in. You'll fit in just fine! We struggle, too. But our hope isn't in faking it. Our hope isn't trying to pretend we aren't messy. 

Our hope is that Jesus actually died for us, and we are accepted by him. 

That's grace. 

And it's amazing.