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Sunday Morning Service

So, what happens on a Sunday morning? 

When you arrive at the church and come in the doors, you'll be greeted by an usher. This person's job is to answer your questions and help you find anything you might need. The usher will probably hand you a book of music (you can choose to use or not use it as you like) and a worship program called a bulletin. The bulletin will have all the information for that day's worship service. 

You might notice that people at Amazing Grace wear all kinds of clothes! Some people might be in shorts and t-shirts, while others are in suits. What you wear isn't important; what matters is that we're here to learn about grace. 

The worship service will start around 10. (Sometimes pastor gets moving a couple minutes late!) 

The pastor will start by greeting the group and talking a little bit about what the service's focus will be. Then everyone's invited to join in a song. The words and music will be in the book you got on the way in. If you don't want to use the book or your arms are full of other things (like children!), all the words are projected on a screen at the front of the church. 

Pastor wears a robe. This robe helps keep the focus on him (no one can see what he's wearing) and helps remind that we are covered or clothed in Jesus's actions for us, not our own actions. 

The entire church service will have music sprinkled throughout. Everything you need to have will both be on the screen and in whatever the usher gives you on the way in. You don't have to worry about how much you know; we try to make everything easy to follow. 

The service will take about an hour and will include: 
  • Singing songs 
  • Prayers 
  • An opportunity to silently confess what you've done wrong
  • Announcements of forgiveness and God's love 
  • Readings from the Bible that relate to the focus of the week 
  • A sermon, where pastor will usually focus on one of the Bible readings, explain it, and connect it to daily living 
If you don't understand something or want to know more, simply ask pastor at the end of the service. He loves those kinds of questions!