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Who is this pastor guy?

Pastor Luke Italiano arrived at Amazing Grace in May 2017. He is the fourth pastor to serve our congregation since we were founded in 1992. 

Pastor Luke grew up in Fargo, North Dakota where he ran a local tv show -- probably best that you never look for it; it wasn't good, but it was fun to make. He was also heavily involved in theatre both on stage and behind the scenes. He attended Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota, where he met his Bride-to-Be Jennifer. He graduated college in 2005, and he and Jennifer were married in 2006. From there they moved to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area so he could attend Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. 

He served at St. Luke's Lutheran church in Kenosha, Wisconsin for about six years. (No, he didn't name the church after himself. The church is over a hundred years old, and desipte what his kids think, Pastor Luke is not that old!) 

Pastor Luke and his wife Jennifer have four children and now live in Florence, KY. Their kids all attend local public schools. 

Pastor Luke thinks that grace really is amazing and is excited to tell you about Jesus. When he's not being all pastor-ly, he loves telling stories and reading. He's also constantly amazed at the hills in this area; growing up on the east side of North Dakota he didn't know what hills were. Some days he'll just drive and marvel at God's fingerprints in our land.